New designs for Spring and Summer 2022!

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So Many Sports

With an increasing number of sports & activities from which to choose, pick your favorite!


So Many Colors

A variety of color options from which to choose, or you can select a few to match your mood.


So Many Sizes

Unicorn Horn power knows no age or gender limits. A broad variety of sizes for youth & adults.


Hi, I'm Sydney and I'm 7 years old. I design Unicorn Horn shirts with my dad. What do you think?

Like most 7 year-old girls, Sydney loves unicorns. One afternoon, while playing with Play-Doh, she created a "unicorn horn" that has since inspired her to try new things and express herself more confidently.

For some reason, she pronounces it "Unicawn Hoo-awn," which makes it even better! She even came up with this incredible jingle that has kept us laughing ever since.

In creating a Unicorn Horn line of t-shirts and hats, Sydney is excited to share her love of unicorns, as well the magic of the Unicorn Horn!

With many family, friends, & loved ones in the LGBTQ community, we are proud to donate a % of the proceeds from Unicorn Horn sales to The Trevor Project throughout the month of June.